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misaka mikoto rule 34
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The Sisters Project was made to produce clones of Misaka Mikoto for military use, but was later scrapped when researchers discovered that the clones were only levels. Warning : This article covers information concerning a plot central to the setting of Toaru Majutsu no Index as a whole. Aleister stated that "Academy City is not different from a small world that has sealed a certain type of power", [6] an alternatively shaped temple. Factions and Organizations. He based this apparently after witnessing an ugly side of believers from a certain strict Christian denomination and of the modern magical society that claims to have abandoned mundane desires. In eliminating the founders Westcott and Mathers , Aleister made use of Blythe Road's Treasure, an arrow made of a severed hand bearing Imagine Breaker, which was destroyed during the final battle with Mathers. His experiences with his parents, teachers and others in their town, who believed in God and proclaimed righteousness yet acted disgracefully, gave him a hatred of the God who created the world as well as a desire to find the correct laws which that God could not and improve the world and humanity.

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The ultimate goal of Aleister's Plan is the destruction of the phases , the source of the 'sparks' that distort destiny and were responsible for his daughter Lilith's death as well as the misfortune of countless others, eliminating magic in the process.

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To do this, he modeled Academy City following the Thelema of the person who would eventually be born to wield it, Kamijou Touma , creating an environment suited to the Imagine Breaker and its user, which would draw them in and draw out their potential. For the most part everything was either according to plan or within acceptable results up until the events at the end of World War III. This page may require cleanup to meet Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki's quality standards. Cursing and hating the world, he continued to seek the destruction of the phases and magic, in order to free humanity from their influence, believing he would only then have truly fulfilled his duty as a father. Though a minority, the Magic Gods hold the majority of the Magic Side's total power [40] and each possesses immense power, capable of changing or destroying the world, intentionally or not. One of Aleister's theories which has influenced the plan is that of the Aeons of Osiris and Horus — abandoning the old rules of Christianity and start anew with new laws and freedom. Please help improve this article if you can.

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