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Based on the results of your last mammogram, your primary healthcare provider may recommend that an area of your breast be biopsied in order to obtain further information. This is accomplished through a technique known as a stereotatic vacuum assisted core biopsy. During this type of biopsy, small samples of tissue are removed from the breast using a hollow needle, which is precisely guided to the correct location using x-rays and computer generated coordinates of the concerning area of breast tissue.

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Find out about having a vacuum assisted biopsy and what happens afterwards. This test is also called:. A vacuum assisted biopsy is a way of removing an area of abnormal cells from the breast tissue.

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Histological underestimation of a 9-gauge stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system compared with surgical excision at a tertiary hospital in South Africa. Certain lesions encountered on mammography require histological assessment of biopsy samples to identify benign versus malignant disease. Stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy SVAB is a useful technique, especially for non-palpable microcalcific lesions, and was introduced at our institution in

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What is Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy? The relatively new vacuum-assisted breast biopsy is a percutaneous "through the skin" procedure that relies on stereotactic mammography or ultrasound imaging. Stereotactic mammography uses computers to pinpoint the exact location of a breast mass based on mammograms x-rays taken from two different angles.

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Previous Pause Next. Designed for radiologists and surgeons who consider compassionate patient care and results as essential elements in minimally invasive breast biopsy. Tissue acquisition occurs every 4.

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Vacuum-assisted core biopsy is a safe and minimally invasive procedure in which a sample of breast tissue is removed for examination. When breast imaging shows up very small abnormalities too small to be felt i. Through a small incision or cut in the skin, a special biopsy needle is inserted into the breast and, using a vacuum-powered instrument, several tissue samples are taken.

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To compare the outcomes of ultrasound-guided core biopsy for non-mass breast lesions by the novel gauge cable-free vacuum-assisted biopsy VAB and by the conventional gauge semi-automated core needle biopsy CCNB. Our institutional review board approved this prospective study, and all patients provided written informed consent. Among ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsies performed from August to Decembernon-mass breast lesions with suspicious microcalcifications on mammography or corresponding magnetic resonance imaging finding were subjected to gauge VAB or gauge CCNB.

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The gold standard for breast biopsy procedures is currently an open excision of the suspected lesion. However, an excisional biopsy inevitably makes a scar. The cost and morbidity associated with this procedure has prompted many physicians to evaluate less invasive, alternative procedures. More recently, image-guided percutaneous core-needle biopsy has become a frequently used method for diagnosing palpable and non-palpable breast lesions.

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With the Celero device, you can achieve your goals with fewer samples and large quality cores, which means fewer needle insertions and a more compassionate breast biopsy for your patient versus traditional spring-loaded core devices. Celero Ultrasound Biopsy Patient Video Patient movie focused on ultrasound-guided breast biopsy with the Celero breast biopsy device. A breast biopsy procedure performed under ultrasound guidance using the Celero spring-loaded core biopsy device.

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