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Jo began to rock and thrust desperately, she could feel her own orgasm coming, the feel of his fat cock sliding inside of her, pressing so deep felt too good, she had never ridden a man that felt like this and she realized she couldn't hold it back much longer though she longed to bring him off. To her consternation, she could feel her nipples hardening yet again as Kevin slid closer to her, still holding her up off the ground and started to kiss her neck running his tongue across the sensitive flesh until he reached her ear where he gently nibbled on her ear lobe before whispering. She let out a soft moan as she kissed him back, giving him the soft lips he desired and pressing her tongue back to his as the passionate French kiss sent warm tingles through her body. The thought that she was making him so hard, so turned on that he could stay hard even after cumming as much as he had sent a thrill through her even as the tingling in her pussy became a hot buzzing. Jo could feel his cock swelling against the roof of her mouth but she kept up her motions as she felt it seem to come alive against her tongue, jerking and pulsing as a stream of hot jizz fired against the back of her throat. They lay like that, naked on top of each other until Jo felt a tingling inside her, as Kevin started moving just slightly on top of her, to her amazement she realized he was still erect and she could feel him slowly starting to shift.

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Again, they lay against each other for a short time but the copious amount of Kevin's cum inside her pussy soon made a return trip and Jo was forced to run to the restroom before she dripped jizz all over Mindy's couch.

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The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter Five

He started to push hard into Jo's trembling cunt ramming his fat eight-inch love pole deeper into her. Jo leaned forward to take a hold of Kevin's cock slick with her juices, she started to pump it furiously, and at the same moment she did something, she never imagined doing. She gazed up into his eyes and was struck by just how handsome and sexy he really was and the desperate look in his lust-filled eyes made her want him again even more. Jo let out a soft breath of astonishment as her eyes fell on Kevin's manhood, he was much bigger than her husband, bigger frankly then any guy she had ever been with, at least eight inches long his cock was thick and capped with an enormous purple head the size of a large lemon. Password: Forgot your password? Stories Poems Story Series.

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