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ballbust cartoon
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Just goes to show how different girls react to the idea of ball busting. Variety truly is the spice of life. Hope you and your fans delight in these as I did. I've met women that get wet thinking about tying a guy up like that and giving him blue balls or kicking him in the balls, and others that don't even go there. A couple of more cartoons Thought you'd like the following as well. I emailed a couple of female friends of mine that picture of the guy tied up and a feather stimulating his cock and giving him blue balls. Ballbusting and ballgrabbing femdom artwork, cartoons and comics are scattered about the Internet.

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Destiny. Age: 26.
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Toons This is an oldie, but still one of my favorites.

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Barbara. Age: 26.
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Toons This is an oldie, but still one of my favorites. Ballbusting Cartoons Hello Sexy Sara! Here's another nice one I like this one. Dozens if not hundreds of femdom artists and comic illustrators display their work here, and I'm sure you'll recognize much of it. Variety truly is the spice of life. There are some femdom cartoon websites that requires membership and charges a fee for joining.

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