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After few years, one bad thief decided to despoil In the same huge house gets her own son, who is also the brother of both her daughters. The guy, named Shen, nourishes a very strong weakness for girls with a huge buffer sizes. The story of this anime absolutely not original, but will please the audience which loves succubus. The Animation Uncut", from famous studio Pink Pineapple, fullly devoted to the incest genre.

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Phoebe. Age: 26.
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The main hero - Hayasaki Ryoshiro, who loves to play football.

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Sandra. Age: 24.
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Today, the two top school teams will play and everything seems good and fine, except for one thing - all players are very sexy and pervert girls. Baku Ane Otouto Ippai Shibocchau zo! The main hero - just a normal student, who has learned that he has very special power - he can control any girl. All mankind on the Earth decided to hide this weapon in one school for girls named St. It is an elite institution

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