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In core gaming communities, even if males play casual games behind closed doors — and according to this reasoning they should only be played behind closed doors — the discourse suggests that male players are culturally encouraged not to bring it up. Casual games are evil, they are the worst thing ever. Weighing in at a little less than four pounds, the Wii is a small white rectangle, about the size of three DVDs stacked. When contrasted with the Red Ocean business approach, Nintendo can be seen as embracing a cultural feminization, a softening, of their game platforms. In fact, the marketing, industry, and mainstream discourses may enable the more overtly sexist treatment of casual games by this aggressive community of gamers.

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This reflects the expectations of hegemonic masculinity that limit men from discussing their feelings.

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Do You Identify as a Gamer? Most strikingly and troubling of all, they are positioned as sub-human and animal in their worth and intellect. In the second case, rather than espousing the insignificance of casual games, core gaming culture views casual games as a Trojan horse for femininity to creep in and fundamentally alter the gendered game experiences that culture values. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As a result, this discourse promotes notions of difference and distinction that ultimately recreate gender and power hierarchies in games culture and beyond. The viewer is also prompted to click on the online ad to see which game Underwood plays in her free time.

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