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I must have gone through twenty of them before I was completely rid of the mess. After a minute or two, I stood back up. I gasped feeling the gooey poo spreading all across my butt. Poopy diaper good, clean-up bad," I told myself. The trash cans may not be out, but I can just chuck this in one ahead of time with no problem! The backyard was filled with loud crackling as I pushed a huge log of poop into the diaper, making it bulge out in the back. It felt absolutely amazing!

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After a minute or two, I stood back up.

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Just a short story about a new TBDL character sneakily going outside at night to poop in a diaper while her family is asleep. I undid the tapes and let the overfilled diaper fall down to the ground with a plop. My stomach started to gurgle again and I felt a lot of pressure below. It was then that I had realized something I hadn't realized before I planned out to get the most potential out of those things by eating a lot and holding it for a few days. I sighed again as I made my way back upstairs and into bed.

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