Causes of breast infection

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Mastitis is a breast infection that usually causes one breast to be painful or tender. Treating this breast infection early is crucial to avoid developing complications. To help treat mastitis, healthcare providers usually prescribe antibiotics.

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Mastitis, which mainly affects breast-feeding women, causes redness, swelling and pain in one or both breasts. Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. The inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness.

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Jump to content. Mastitis is a breast inflammation usually caused by infection. It can happen to any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breastfeeding.

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Breast infections are usually caused by common bacteria Staphylococcus aureus found on normal skin. The bacteria enter through a break or crack in the skin, usually on the nipple. The infection takes place in the fatty tissue of the breast and causes swelling.

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Inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, is an aggressive, rare type of breast cancer that produces symptoms similar to those seen when a woman is experiencing mastitis —characterized by breast inflammation and infection. Let's take a closer look at the signs and symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer, and why it's important to see your doctor if any of these develop. Inflammatory breast cancer is a fast-growing type of breast cancer that accounts for an estimated 1 percent of diagnosed breast cancer cases, according to the American Cancer Society.

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The main building parts of the female breast are nipple, lactiferous sinus, lobules, ducts, and stroma. The lobules are glands that are producing the milk. After being produced, the milk passes through the ducts.

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Breast infections are usually caused by bacteria. Rarely, breast infections lead to a breast abscess a collection of pus in the breast. Mastitis refers to painful inflammation of the breast, which is usually accompanied by a breast infection.

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Breast infection in lactating mothers is a common entity which in the majority of cases can be explained by ascending infections. However, it has been noticed that the number of non lactating women presenting with breast abscesses is rising. This study attempts to explore the sensitivity pattern of organisms and underlying cause of breast infections in non-lactating women.

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Baroudi is an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Flaugher is an advanced nurse practitioner, and Dr. Hemadeh is a general surgeon, all at C.


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